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Read for Australia - Friday 2 September 2016


My Two Blankets:
By Irena Kobald and Freya Blackwood

My Two Blankets tells the story of a young girl new to Australia where she finds everything strange. She feels safe with an old blanket made out of memories from her homeland.

As time passes, she creates a new blanket woven from friendship and her new sense of belonging in a country not quite so strange any more.

My Two Blankets was awarded Picture Book of the Year in 2015. 


Title: Irena Kobald - Description: This is a picture of Irena Kobald

Irena Kobald is an author and teacher. Born in a village in Austria, she is multi-lingual and has travelled widely. Kobald has always been fascinated by different languages, cultures, religions and people. Australia has been her home for more than half of her life, now living in the desert regions of the Northern Territory.

Title: Freya Blackwood - Description: This is a picture of Freya Blackwood

Freya Blackwood is an Australian illustrator and special effects artist. Blackwood was born in Edinburgh and grew up in Orange, New South Wales. She worked on special effects for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and her illustrations for Two Summers won the Crichton Award in 2004. She also won the Kate Greenaway Medal for British children's book illustration in 2010.

Teaching Notes for My Two Blankets


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Years 1 and 2:

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Years 3 and 4:

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Years 5 and 6:

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Years 7 and 8 – Set 1:

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Years 7 and 8 – Set 2:

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